5-Day AntiParasite Intestinal Broom

Starts August 8th, 2022 
Virtual Retreat. Supplements Delivered. 

Designed for busy people, on a busy schedule. It’s estimated about 50% of the population has energy-draining Parasites/ Worms⚡according to PubMed.. And almost everyone has Bad Bacteria.

This Vegan Cleanse helps you eliminate bloating, parasite, worms and bad bacteria (which drain your energy) by releasing the mucoid plaque (intestinal parasite home) altogether.

Physical ‘ALL Flush Ingredients Bundle’ Fast Delivery to: 
✔️ USA ✔️ Canada ✔️ U.K. & Europe ✔️ Bali
** International delivery times vary

Guided by Daniela Donoso
Chinese Medicine Doctor

Time Commitment:

Attend the Group Zoom Calls (90 minute for Opening Ceremony + 60 mins Closing Ceremony), and 7 minutes for Drinking the Vegan Supplements daily. 

Note: you will prepare your own meals using my easy-to-follow recipes book. 

Limited-Time FREE BONUS:   1-on-1 Phone Support. If you have any questions after the Zoom Call Q&A, I’ll be just one text away 🤗 This way you’re all prepared to start.

” This was simultaneously the easiest/yummiest detox I’ve ever done in terms of eating food AND the most “clearing” of them all.
Great process, great support, highly recommend! Will be doing it again soon” Jaymin Patel

You can cleanse on a busy schedule.

Feel free to continue your daily activities, but you will need to go to the toilet more frequently than usual to release the toxins.

Here are the dates to consider:

Before the Cleanse: Opening ceremony on Zoom (August 5th)

The Opening Ceremony will be on Zoom VideoCall for about 90 minutes, where I explain the detox process in complete detail.

You don’t have to prepare anything for the VideoCall, you just need to attend on time.

I will do all of the pre-detox preparations for you -> Your All Ingredients Bundle will be delivered to your door (included with the middle $239 package – after 70% OFF).

During the Opening Circle, I will share information about the importance of the Detox, and how it will work in detail. We will set intentions as a group and l will be giving you the meal plans guidance.

Day 1 to Day 5 (August 8th to August 12th)

You will be keeping an Anti-Parasitic diet rich with probiotics, high fiber and green juicing. 

All Meal Recipes are 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Non-Fried.

There are Two Different Mixes to Drink Daily:

Mix 1-> Drink the Anti-Parasitic Mix
Mix 2 -> Drink the Intestinal Deep Cleanse Mix

This will strategically help you release the Mucoid Plaque (“Parasite Home”) from Your System. 

Closing Ceremony for Important Post-Detox Steps (August 13th)

I’ll share with you the foods that act as Parasite Shields, so you don’t reverse your progress again.

You’ll also learn how to avoid Parasites/ Worms in the Future, so you won’t have to go through this again and again. You’ll learn about the specific things you do every day that make it much more likely to get parasites. In fact, you’re probably doing it right now.

(Usual Value: US$497) 

NOW packages start at US$197


When will I receive my bundle? 

It depends on your location, in some locations we have fast delivery (for example, USA, Canada, Bali are normally within 48 hours).

If delivery to your location is longer, I’ll be happy to adjust the dates for you — so you can start after receiving the bundle.

The important thing is to make progress to towards your health goals, and get started.

Can I just join and purchase my ingredients locally?

Yes, in this case you only need the first package ($197). Daniela will guide you on what to purchase. If an ingredient isn’t available in your local shops, Daniela will share with you equally effective ingredients that can replace it. 

How it works

1. Take the Medicinal Herbs mixture daily & Kill The Parasites

This is a unique, all-natural force of healing substances that eliminate parasites and worms. 

3. Flush out the remaining Parasites and their "home" which blocks your intestines (called the mucoid plaque layer)

ALL Ingredients for the Flush Mix are Powerful Herbs and 100% Vegan.

There are Two Different Mixes to Drink Daily:

Mix 1-> Before Breakfast
-> Drink the Anti-Parasitic Mix

Mix 2 -> 5 times Per Day
-> Drink the Intestinal Deep Cleanse Mix

P.S.   These mixes contain vegan ingredients that also help you detox heavy metals. Consider this a side bonus, free of charge by nature.

2. Eat a Clean Plant-Based Diet or Juicing for 5 Days

You will receive the recipes eBook, which only my private chefs have access to. After preparing 1000s of meals at my Detox Kitchen… you’ll likely be very impressed at how delicious healthy meals can be.

This is also an invitation to make healthy eating a lifestyle, by making them as delicious as your “Cheat Meals”.

4. Take preventative actions for future, and consider foods that act as "parasite shield" for your intestines

Closing Ceremony  : Closing Ceremony Day by Zoom video call. I’ll share with you the foods that act as Parasite Shields so you won’t reverse your progress again.

There is going to be guidance for diets in the different stages during and after.

Get Results in 5 Days,
Not 5 Months

Typically a parasite flush takes AN ENTIRE MONTH of dieting, medicine, and releasing. That’s IF you’re successful, otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the process for ANOTHER MONTH.

Using The Complete Anti-Parasite Flush, you won’t have to diet for months and eat medicine trying to kill them one by one. You’ll flush them out altogether (along with their “mucoid plaque” toxic home) in LESS THAN A WEEK (exactly just 5 days).

You’ll also learn how to Avoid Parasites in the Future, so you won’t have to go through this again and again. You’ll learn about the specific things you do every day that can make you much more likely to get parasites. In fact, you’re probably doing it right now.

(Usual Value: US$497) 

NOW packages start at US$197

Who should go on this cleanse?
If one or more apply: 

Bloating and Poor Digestion

Bloating is a sensation that the abdomen is too full. This can be due to an overgrowth of bad bacteria, in the small intestines — OR due to parasites such as Giardia.  This cleanse will help you with both. 

Constantly Craving Carbs and Sugars

Parasites and worms have a diet of their own. They crave carbs, in the body. Anyone struggling with fatigue/ tiredness as a result of bad bacteria, parasites or worms absorbing the foods, should go on this cleanse.

Struggling with Bad Bacteria

Anyone who may be exposed to contaminated food, fruits, vegetables, OR eating semi-cooked meats such as sushi … and of course, if eating meats like pork.. which is high risk.

Here are some common symptoms if you have parasites:


Constant Fatigue or Tiredness


Symptoms of unusual Dehydration


Digestive Issues, including  constipation, diarrhea and gas


Abdominal or Stomach Pains and Tenderness


Bloated Stomach with Gases


Unusual Hunger ( constant hunger or complete loss of appetite )

Just like if there’s trash in your home, the rats come racing in…

It works the same with the Parasites/ Worms.

They live in the “trash” of your intestines called the “mucoid plaque”, built from years and years of toxins. If you flush out this black mucoid plaque layer (which you can visibly see flush out in the detox), you flush out the home of the parasites along with them altogether

One of my favorite detoxes to guide is “The 5-Day Anti-Parasite Intestinal Broom” because I’ve seen the transformation it can bring to my client’s lives.

I’ll share with you the unique method I’ve used to not only have success nearly every time but also how you can do it in the most gentle and safest way possible. Naturally, having studied Chinese Medicine in China and practiced at the hospitals there — I’ll be sharing with you the powerful parasite-killing herbs that really make the difference.

“I had a very powerful and transformative experience through this detox journey. The flush was so effective and very much needed for my system. The results were fascinating, totally worth it!” Sara Blomqvist


After 2 years running this detox program, I know if there's one thing that'll make a difference on the quality of your detox experience -- it's your meals being delicious.  I've spent the last 2 years improving these recipes, after personally serving over 2000+ meals from my kitchen. 

You'll receive the recipes book and the secrets to living healthy and delicious. For the first time, I've included my Detox Kitchen Secrets for the Anti-Parasite Intestinal Broom Cleanse (Value: Priceless)

Carmen Sanz

I’m feeling AMAZING! My energy is back –  I used to struggled to concentrate and focus, spend lots of time laying down and had to push myself to exercise and do yoga. . Now I really want to do it. I’ve also lost 4kg.  my energy came back,  I feel more myself, happier and empowered!

It would have been too difficult or impossible to do it without your support. 


Everything You Need is Covered

Informational Materials

1-Page Schedule, Recipes, YES/NO Food Lists, and much more

Chinese Medicine Doctor on Standby (Phone Support)

 This is the first and only “One-Stop” Program to Get The Parasites/ Worms OUT


All Flush Ingredients – 100% Vegan (includes Anti-Parasite Mix and Intestinal Broom Mix)


Precise Meal Recipes for Maximum Results


Cold-Pressed Juicing Recipes


Opening & Closing Ceremonies on Zoom


Group Chat and Private 1-on-1


Absolutely everything you need is covered… there is no other service like this out there

 Which saves you:

1) Time and money importing high-quality ingredients

2) Researching confusing and often contradictory information on Google

3) Figuring out delicious (and effective) meal recipes for best results

4) Spending months or years (like I did) trying to figure out how to make them delicious (on restricted detox ingredients)

Feel confident, you’ll cleanse out the invaders following a Proven Protocol

Trying to listen to your “gut feeling” about joining?

There’s some science behind that. Your gut actually “talks” to your brain by releasing hormones and its neural circuits connected to your brain to support your “thinking and intelligence”. It has more than 100 million nerve cells and science is only beginning to understand it fully. Without a clean gut, its easy to feel foggy and overwhelmed.

At the end of this Detox, you’ll come out clearer. And the best part? There is no incapacitation (unlike Day 6 on Liver Detox), but you will need to go to the toilet from time to time.

Flushing out the Parasites will let your Gut cells be able to breathe more Oxygen and receive enough nutrients better than ever before.

Start On Your Own Schedule




Everything You Need except Groceries and Detox Ingredients (will guide you where to purchase locally)


Opening and Closing Ceremony


Detox Kitchen Secrets: AntiParasite Meals Recipes eBook (Value: $147)


“Exactly What to Do When” 1-Page Schedule


Group Chat support on WhatsApp


Private 1-on-1 Support on WhatsApp (14 days)


The Parasite Cleanse pocket eBook (for those who want to geek out on the specifics)


The Detox Diary (for emotional clarity)

Limited-Time Free Bonus: 1-on-1 Support to help you find the Detox Ingredients you need locally, and how to tell it’s high quality 




Everything You Need Except Groceries


Everything included in the ‘5-Day Anti-Parasite Intestinal Broom’ Program, plus your ALL FLUSH INGREDIENTS BUNDLE  (delivered to your door)


No Need to Import or Shop For High Quality Ingredients


Everything is covered for you. The only thing your responsible for is your groceries from Supermarket (for meals)


Join the LIVE with the Group, OR on your own schedule

Included: ALL Flush Ingredients Bundle




Accelerate Your Results with a Chinese Medicine Full Body Diagnosis 


Everything included in ALL Previous Packages


One Private Zoom Session that includes the Initial Chinese Medicine Consultation with Daniela; includes Full Body Diagnosis ($97 Value), where you will have a Full Body check-up, and if needed, have Herbs Prescribed based on Your Health Goals. Consultation will be through Zoom Video-Call.


A Second Private Session after the Program to bring the Detox to full circle. Based on your TCM diagnosis, you’ll receive a clear plan on how bring your health to a whole another level ($85 Value).


30-Day Follow Up Messages with Daniela to Keep you on Track Towards Your Health Goals; as well as make any needed adjustments for your Chinese Medicine Herbs Prescriptions (if applicable).

Physical All Ingredients Bundle Delivered to Door. All Informational Materials Delivered in PDF format.


Špela Urbanc

Everything was taken care of. Daniela was always available and held the space beautifully, the meals were delivered to my door  We had a beautiful opening and closing ceremony where all the needed information was provided and we also get to share our experience with the group. It was a deep releasing experience for me, physically and emotionally, at the end, I released a bunch of gallstones from my gallbladder and cleaned my colon, I received so much useful information. Thank you Daniela for leading us through this detox and for your beautiful, grounded, and supportive energy.

George Lantay

I had a supper significant experience, there were very significant psychological energetic shifts that happen. I feel the energy in my body have more flow and really be who I am a lot more, if was definitely a transformational experience. Didn’t have to be worry about logistic, she was always taking care of us, she was right there if I need it something or had a Question. I am supper Grateful for this Experience !!

Eri Kardos Patel

Wow!! We looooved working with Daniela so very much! My husband and I chose to do a 7 day cleanse with her and it was such a fantastic experience. She really understands the process of detoxing and is prepared to hold your hands and gently guide you through it from start to finish. Her ability to create a safe group space for everyone to cheer each other on was so helpful. The culinary experience through the detox made everything easy and yummy. Her availability to answer questions and provide support throughout the entire process was quite unbelievable. Plus, her skills in Chinese medicine and acupuncture really made this experience unique. I canʼt say enough about working with Daniela! Her passion for her clients and helping them achieve great health is inspiring!


I like the organization group structure. I learned that there is so much in my body that I don’t understand, like these stones that have been inside you for years. I Found really amazing we are able to release this. I see how after releasing the stones it seems I have released a lot of anger and now seem to feel very calm. I feel that I’ve to release physically but also energetically. I appreciate the company and support is a really good system and framework well put together.

Our Guarantee


Everything You Need Delivered to Your Door

Receive Your “All-Ingredients Bundle”, plus all of the informational materials such as your 1-Page Schedule, and simply get ready to begin. 

You’ll attend the Opening Ceremony and In just 90 minutes, you’ll be crystal clear on how to begin your detox.


WhatsApp Phone Support

Your body is not the same as everyone else’s, each person is so unique and different. You have a different background history, and different needs. It can be incredibly helpful to have an experience Chinese Medicine Doctor (that specializes in this cleanse) to support you should any unexpected reactions arise. 

Group WhatsApp Chat & Private 1-on-1 Support

Meet your fellow Detoxers, connect with them on the Opening Ceremony and WhatsApp Group Chat. Hear their stories and share yours if you feel called to. Have a personal question? Connect with me privately 1-on-1 on Private Message WhatsApp.

Whatever it is that you’re going through, know that you’re supported.

Detoxing can help you reset and initiate your body’s natural healing mechanism.

When given the chance to heal, your body is powerful beyond measure and is capable of making incredible “even impossible” miracles happen.

Most people won’t go a month without changing their car oil, yet they’ll go YEARS without detoxing and refreshing their bodies. It sounds just insane, right?

I honor you for taking this journey for giving your body a chance to breathe and heal.

* Physical All Flush Ingredients Bundle Delivered to Your Door (with middle package). All Informational Materials Delivered in PDF format. 


Packages start at only US$197   Before US$497